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Spiral Mixer

Spiral Mixer

Modern Baking Equipment is a quality Spiral Mixer Manufacturers in Hyderabad. The spiral mixer that we make has a large motor that runs at high torques and will not overheat or bog down on the toughest doughs. This makes the mixer durable and strong enough to handle heavy workloads and to work effectively even on high volumes in the kitchen.

We are the unbreakable Spiral Mixer Suppliers in Telangana. The first positive characteristic that you get when you choose our spiral mixer is the fact that these mixers can mix the dough very well and effectively. Different from other mixers, the spiral mixer that we make consists of a dough hook that rotates in the opposite direction as the bowl spins. This dual-directional motion of our mixer is important in ensuring that the dough is mixed uniformly for the development of the gluten needed in baking breads pizza and pastry doughs.

Consider us for all the needs of your Spiral Mixer Exporters and Wholesalers in India. To ensure that the mixing of different types of dough and at different stages of mixing are done properly the spiral mixer that we make has variable speed controls. This lets you begin to introduce the ingredients slowly and gradually increase the speed to achieve better kneading. This flexibility means you can achieve the desired texture for a wide range of dough types – from light and fluffy to dense and chewy. The spiral mixer we have chosen has a large capacity and a big bowl for dough.

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